Mike's Blog

June 06, 2019

 Today I am featuring the inspiration for a new design that will become available in Summer 2020. This is a portrait of Marie Antoinette when she was 7 years old. It was painted by Martin van Meytens who was a court artist for Empress Maria Theresa of Austria. The little girl with the ribbons and crown of roses provided a great deal of inspiration from which to draw upon.


May 11, 2019

 Today I present you with something that has been gnawing at my design hormones  on and off for a couple of years now. I have long been an admirer of all traditional Russian arts. Something about them just speaks to me. I have been studying folk images from the Khokloma paintings on wood which has been a staple of Russian arts and crafts for centuries. The designs feature flowers leaves and fruit in a limited but brightly coloured palette frequently on a black lacquer background. Here are two images; one of a Khokloma studio from a centuries ago where the artists are busy creating the works that would be sold. The second is a stock image of a Khokloma design. Look for something from me in the near future from me inspired by this gorgeous art form.


May 1, 2019

   I am pleased to say that as of April 1st my embroidery design and teaching career is going strong as I began my third year of following my dream. I decided that to celebrate this  it was time to start a blog. My aim is to give my followers some idea of what I am planning and the things that inspire me to create and teach. My love of teaching is really what keeps me going. Every time I get into the classroom I am energized by all of my students. You may not realize it but you all give me far more than I can ever give to you. This year will mark the first time I am bringing my designs to our US neighbours. I am excited about my 3 city tour this fall.   Look to see posts  about my design ideas. I have to admit they don't all come to fruition but that is the nature of design it is very much a living  and changing process.